Янтарная пирамида

В Янтарном крае появилось янтарное чудо, крупнейшая в России янтарная пирамида.


JSC "Kaliningrad Amber Combine" was established by the decision of the Soviet Government in February 1947. At the beginning of 2014 the combine was transfered to the government corporation Rostec.

Today the Kaliningrad Amber Combine is the only enterprise in Russia and the biggest one in the world which performs an industrial amber mining. The Combine is located near the town settlement of Yantarny the former Palmnicken where about 90% of the proved world amber reserves are located, the age of amber being some 50 million years. Annually the Amber combine produces some 300 tons of raw material. The field reserves are estimated at 116 thousand tons.